Top cocktails for a boozy Toronto brunch

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A mid-morning feast with friends isn’t complete without a well-balanced cocktail to complement what’s on your plate. Even a serving of scrambled eggs can take on a new life when you have a savoury Caesar or signature cocktail creation. For Toronto restaurant destinations like East Thirty-Six, brunch is a great opportunity to showcase how a little mixology can go a long way to making the morning after a lot more fun.

We’ve collected a selection of original drink creations* and must-try classics inspired by East Thirty-Six’s new brunch menu, which includes everything from a healthy yogurt smoothie to a gooey gruyere egg sammie to a six-ounce bavette steak! 

#36 Reviver*

For anyone who eats light – or those who have had a rough night – this fruit-forward cocktail pairs well with a berry smoothie and sweeter fare. The two ounces of gin and liqueurs are floral but not too strong to put you to sleep at the table. To make this drink, combine ingredients in a shaker then strain. Finish with a bit of rose water. 

0.75 oz Gin

0.75 oz Lillet

0.75 oz Lemon

0.50 oz Chambord

Rose water (spray)

Cider Mimosa

Mimosas are amazing, but you might not always have any leftover bubbly from a night of celebrating. Thankfully, a spare can of cider is a great substitute and can make for a fresh and fruity cocktail that pairs well with homefries. In this recipe from the LCBO, you combine liquids and sprinkle in pomegranate seeds then finish off with a sprig of rosemary for a savoury kick. 

0.5 oz Cranberry juice 

6 oz Cider 

0.25 oz Pomegranate seeds

Sprig of rosemary (garnish)

Morning Thyme*

Earthy and herbaceous, this original cocktail goes well with any eggy dish – especially with hollandaise sauce or cheese. The orange and thyme flavours stand out, rounding out the tastes of your feast. To make it, adds rocks and ingredients to a shaker then strain and top with a flamed thyme sprig. 

1 oz Mezcal Jaral De Berrio

0.50 oz Aperol

0.50 oz Lime

0.25 oz Agave

1 oz Soda (top up)

Classic Caesar

Everyone has their own take on a Caesar, but as long as you have a few widely available ingredients on hand, you’re only a few steps away from enjoying a rich and spicy breakfast cocktail. This recipe from the LCBO is a good starting point if you’re just getting into early morning bartending. To start, rim a glass with lime and celery salt, then fill it with ice. Add ingredients and stir. Garnish any way you want – classic Caesars often have a celery stalk and lime. 

1 1/4 oz Vodka

4 oz Clamato or tomato juice

4 Dashes of Worcestershire sauce

3 Dashes of hot sauce

Salt & pepper to taste

Celery salt (to rim the glass)

Lime wedge (rim/garnish)

Celery stalk (garnish)

Robusta Sour*

For brunch lovers who need a strong flavour to help wake them up, this East Thirty-Six cocktail combines a punch of coffee and vanilla sour with some smokiness. The flavours here work well with meatier foods like fried chicken, lamb burger or a steak dish. The coffee notes really sing with red meat and the sour edge cuts through any animal fat for a dry, crisp finish. To make your own Robusta Sour, add all ingredients to a shaker with some rocks and strain.

1 oz Four Roses Bourbon

0.25 oz Coffee-infused Bourbon

1 oz Lemon

0.75 oz Agave

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