#BBQWeekTO is here! Visit these restos for limited-time summer dishes

Sponsored feature: presented by Samuel Adams

TORONTO BBQ WEEK Presented by Samuel Adams. 15 Toronto restaurants are creating 15 unique BBQ creations – and each one is only $15 with a Samuel Adams beer. June 6-12. See participating Toronto restaurants below!

To kick off Toronto BBQ Week, we chatted with Samuel Adams founder James Koch about craft beer and, of course, barbecue food.

Was there a specific beer that motivated you to get involved in this industry?

Yes, it was our Koch family recipe that my father handed down to me that became Samuel Adams Boston Lager. My great-great-grandfather, Louis Koch brewed it in the mid-19th century in St. Louis, Missouri, and he called it Louis Koch Lager.

How has Sam Adams reacted to the rise of small independent brewers and the craft beer movement?

When I first started Sam Adams in 1984, I wanted to start a craft beer revolution and it’s amazing to see that it’s happened! It’s important to remember that the craft brewing community might be booming now, but it took a long time for craft brewers to see the success they’re seeing today. After 30 years, we are finally at one percent of the beer market – and I am proud of that one percent!

What is your favourite barbecue dish to pair with beer?

Beer has a vastly greater range of flavours than something like wine because of all of the ingredients that it’s brewed with. Really though, half the fun is experimenting and finding the perfect pairing for your palate, which might mean trying a variety of beer styles and how they affect the flavours of a dish.

Describe the most memorable dining experience you’ve had in Toronto.

Poutine, of course! I think most Americans visiting Canada have a similar experience. 


Photography by Jeffrey Chan courtesy of Samuel Adams

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    AAA Public House.jpg

    Jeffrey Chan (courtesy of Samuel Adams)

    AAA Public House

    598 Gerrard, Toronto, Ontario

    Chopped Beef Sandwich – Chopped beef brisket sautéed in barbecue sauce 

    Chef Bio: Pit Master Peter Ward has lead a very diverse life with extensive travels in his youth. He has a real passion for cooking guided by a deep appreciation of different cultures. He is fascinated by different methods of cooking and spices used, and how they affect the final product. He brings all of this to AAA PublicHouse, smoking daily brisket, dry rub ribs and other traditional central Texas BBQ favourites.

    FB: Triple A Toronto, TW: @TripleAToronto, IG: tripleabar

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    Barque Bar Photo copy.jpg

    Jeffrey Chan (courtesy of Samuel Adams)

    Barque Butcher Bar

    287 Roncesvalles, Toronto, Ontario M6R 2M3

    BBQ Pommery Pulled Pork Sandwich – Barque Pommery pulled pork, apple slaw and fries

    Chef Bio: David Neinstein is the Executive Chef and Co-Owner of Barque Smokehouse and Barque Butcher Bar in Toronto. A certified BBQ judge and competitor in the KCBS, David continues to push himself and his team of talented chefs to create new and interesting takes on a classic cuisine.

    FB: Barque Butchers, TW: @barquebutchers, IG: barquebutchers

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    Beerbistro copy.jpg

    Jeffrey Chan (courtesy of Samuel Adams)

    Beer Bistro

    18 King E, Toronto, Ontario M5C 1C4

    Hot Link Sausage & Duck Fat Fries – Hot link pork sausage with smoked onion dip and duck fat fries

    Chef Bio: Chef Wortley is an Australian-born Executive Chef currently leading the kitchen crew at Beerbistro. He has dominated in both Sous Chef and Head Chef roles around the world. 

    FB: Beerbistro, TW: @beerbistroTO, IG: beerbistrotoronto

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    Boots and Bourbon copy.jpg

    Jeffrey Chan (courtesy of Samuel Adams)

    Boots & Bourbon

    725 Queen E, Toronto, Ontario M4M 2H5

    Apple Smoked Short Ribs – Apple-smoked short ribs, warm potato salad with tequila pesto, grilled honey zucchini and cornbread

    Chef Bio: From Miramichi, New Brunswick, Chef Patrick Roy came to Toronto eight years ago. He divides his time between Montreal, Toronto and wilderness resorts. Currently, he is the Advisory Head Chef at Boots & Bourbon and Head Chef The Comrad. 

    FB: Boots & Bourbon, TW: @bootsbourbon, IG: bootsbourbon

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    Broncos copy.jpg

    Jeffrey Chan (courtesy of Samuel Adams)


    127 Strachan, Toronto, Ontario

    Triple Smoked Pork Belly BLT – Pork belly, fried green tomatoes, spicy slaw and pork fat tots

    Chef Bio: Chef Kazim Peters-Marcano was forged in the firey pit of Mount Doom. Raised in the Shire slums, he proceeded to apprentice under the world renowned Swedish Chef. Thanks to a quick wit and unprecedented talent, he quickly climbed the ladder of Muppet Kitchen and has now taken over the kitchen at Broncos.

    FB: Broncos, TW: @broncos_to, IG: broncos_to

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    Campagnolo copy.jpg

    Jeffrey Chan (courtesy of Samuel Adams)


    832 Dundas W, Toronto, Ontario M6J 1V3

    Lamb Spiducci – Lamb skewer with salt, pepper, lemon and olive oil. 

    Chef Bio: Chef Craig Harding leads the kitchen at Campagnolo, which roughly translates to “country bumpkin.”

    FB: Campagnolo, TW: @campagnolo, IG: campagnolo_

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    dog and bear copy.jpg

    Jeffrey Chan (courtesy of Samuel Adams)

    Dog & Bear

    1100 Queen W, Toronto, Ontario M6J 1H9

    BBQ Beef Chili Cheese Dog – Nathan’s hot dog, beef chilli, cheese, onions and pickled jalapeño 

    Chef Bio: Chef Pauly Gallagher was born in Glasgow but raised in Edmonton, Alberta. He started cooking in 1999 while in university and has worked in many different styles of kitchens throughout his carrier, coming on as the Chef of Dog & Bear when it opened in 2012. He not only loves to cook but has a passion for skateboarding and has been an avid rider for over 25 years.

    FB: The Dog & Bear, TW: @thedogandbear, IG: thedogandbear

  • 8
    Greenwood copy.jpg

    Jeffrey Chan (courtesy of Samuel Adams)

    Greenwood Smokehouse BBQ

    673 Danforth, Toronto, Ontario

    Smoked Pastrami Short Ribs – Smoke pastrami short ribs with roasted cauliflower purée, mustard jus, pickled radishes and chive oil

    Chef Bio: Chef Garett Thomson went to culinary school in Peterborough at Sir Sanford Fleming College. He started cooking eight years ago and did his apprenticeship in Campbellford. He moved to Toronto six months ago to become the chef at Greenwood Smokehouse.

    FB: Greenwood Smokehouse BBQ, TW: @greenwood_BBQ, IG: greenwoodsmokehousebbq

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    Hogtown Smoke copy.jpg

    Jeffrey Chan (courtesy of Samuel Adams)

    Hogtown Smoke

    1959 Queen E, Toronto, Ontario

    Texas-Style Brisket Sammie – Smoked brisket with house-made horseradish aioli

    Chef Bio: Originally from the small town of Ennismore, Ontario, Chef Carlen Coughlin made his start in a local bakery. He made his way to Toronto where he stumbled upon Hogtown Smoke and it was love at first taste. Chef Carlen joined forces with Scott and the Fraser brothers and the rest is history.   

    FB: Hogtown Smoke, TW: @hogtownsmoke, IG: hogtownsmoke

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    pai copy.jpg

    Jeffrey Chan (courtesy of Samuel Adams)

    Pai Northern Thai Kitchen

    18 Duncan, Toronto, Ontario M5H 3G8

    Northern Thai Pork Belly Sausage Sandwich (Sai Ua Sandwich) – House-made, Northern Thai pork belly sausage, turmeric, Kaffir lime leaves and lemongrass

    Chef Bio: Having learned to cook in her mother’s kitchen, Chef Nuit Regular left her career as a nurse in Thailand to share her passion and life experiences through family recipes. After being named the Nine of Dine winner at the 2009 Gourmet Food and Wine Expo, Chef Nuit has been regularly featured as an influential chef in Toronto. Acknowledging the authenticity of cooking, the government of Thailand awarded PAI Northern Thai Kitchen the prestigious Thai Select Premium designation. Broadening her reach across Canada, Chef Nuit has consulted for restaurants in Vancouver and Nova Scotia.

    FB: Pai Toronto, TW: @paitoronto, IG: paitoronto

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    parts and labour copy.jpg

    Jeffrey Chan (courtesy of Samuel Adams)

    Parts & Labour

    1566 Queen W, Toronto, Ontario M6R 1A6

    Merguez Sausage & Confit Fingerling Potatoes – Merguez, confit fingerling potatoes, crème fraische and harissa

    Chef Bio: Chef Brent Pierssens was born in Simcoe, Ontario. He started his culinary career in his early 20s, starting off in restaurants such as Jacobs & Co. Steakhouse, Brassaii and Cucina. He developed his skill set working under some of the most influential chefs in the city. Opening Parts & Labour six years ago, he has proven himself as a noteworthy chef.

    FB: Parts & Labour TO, TW: @partsnlabour, IG: partsnlabour

  • 12
    Patois copy.jpg

    Jeffrey Chan (courtesy of Samuel Adams)


    794 Dundas W, Toronto, Ontario M6J 1V1

    The Kingston Bao – Juicy jerk pork belly bao with escovitch pickles

    Chef Bio: Born in Bangkok, Thailand, Chef Danai Hongwanishkul made his way to Toronto in 1988 and began his culinary journey. His career kicked off at Humber Culinary and George Brown Chef School. From there, Chef Hongwanishkul stepped into the prestigious kitchens of O&B’s Steakfrites, Jump Café & Bar, Auberge du Pommier and Canoe. Since 2015, he has made his home at Toronto’s Patois.

    FB: Patois Toronto, TW: @patoistoronto, IG: patoistoronto

  • 13
    Pukka copy.jpg

    Jeffrey Chan (courtesy of Samuel Adams)


    778 St Clair W, Toronto, Ontario M6C 1B6

    Nagaland BBQ Pork Ribs – Northeast India spiced ribs, slaw and crispy chaat 

    Chef Bio: Chef Dinesh Butola hails from Garhwal, India, and brings spices and flavours unique to his home region at the foothills of the Himalayas. Trained in classic Indian cooking, he has grown in his gastronomic artistry by incorporating techniques and tastes from all around the world. Having lived in several different countries while refining his art, Chef Butola landed on Canada’s fair shores. Seeking new challenges, he expanded his delicious repertoire in several of Toronto’s top restaurants and received many accolades for his exceptional cooking.

    FB: Pukka Toronto, TW: @pukkatoronto, IG: pukkatoronto

  • 14
    Smoque n Bones copy.jpg

    Jeffrey Chan (courtesy of Samuel Adams)

    Smoque N Bones

    869 Queen West, Toronto, Ontario

    Pulled Pork Mac ‘n’ Cheese – Chopped cheddar mac ‘n’ cheese and smoked pulled pork

    Chef Bio: Chef Alex N. Rad fell in love with BBQ in Texas because of how it was a part of their daily culture and brought people together. It was always on the back burner for him to bring this Southern-style concept to Toronto. Finally, he took the jump and opened up Smoque N Bones where the BBQ is fun, humble and, damn, is it ever tasty.

    FB: Smoque N Bones, TW: @smoquenbones, IG: smoquenbones

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    harbord room copy.jpg

    Jeffrey Chan (courtesy of Samuel Adams)

    The Harbord Room

    89 Harbord, Toronto, Ontario M5S 1G4

    Lightly Smoked & Grilled Ocean Trout – Lightly smoked and grilled ocean trout with grilled summer vegetables, roasted cherry tomatoes and salsa verde

    Chef Bio: Chef Cory Vitiello began cooking at age 15, starting a catering company out of his parent’s kitchen in Brantford, Ontario. He went on to study at The Stratford Chefs School and spent four years training at Scaramouche Restaurant in Toronto. Outside of daily operation of his restaurants, Chef Cory also stars in Food Network’s “Chef in Your Ear” and is a regular guest on Canada AM, City Line, Breakfast Television, Etalk, Marilyn Dennis Show and The Morning Show.

    FB: The Harbord Room, TW: @theharbordroom, IG: theharbordroom

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