Toronto restaurants that opened and closed this week

Agincourt Bakery is lost to a condo development, iconic soft serve comes to Trinity Bellwoods and more pizza and burger joints open

Condo developers continue to pose a threat to independent Toronto restaurants.

Neighbourhood favourites aren’t just closing down because of decreased business. Some, like the Filipino restaurant Tala or popular Scarborough spot Agincourt Bakery, have to shutter because developers bought the building (or in the case of Agincourt, the whole plaza).

Often restaurant owners don’t own the building and are at the mercy of landlords, who would rather sell a property than lower rent. Amidst this ongoing dynamic, as always, new restaurants are popping up, ready to undertake the uphill battle.

Read on to discover what exciting new spots opened, as well as which local favourites will be sorely missed. Here’s what opened and closed between February 23 and March 2.

Toronto restaurants that closed

Agincourt Bakery

After almost 40 years in business the family-owned bakery were faced with permanent closure when the developers that bought the plaza announced a plan to demolish all existing structures and build new town homes, as reported by CTV. They’re still open for now and on Instagram, the bakery posted that they plan to relocate and are looking for a new home to sell their delectable Italian dishes, pies, cakes and cookies.


This Korean street food spot on Clinton closed permanently on February 26 after five years. The lease ended and the owners decided not to extend it. In a heartfelt post on Instagram, they reminisced about the good times: “The restaurant was more than a workplace, it was our passion, it was our everything. Doma felt like bringing up our first baby, then came our second one, Boonsik – both ever so special. We reached some unforgettable milestones in this little space and it took up the biggest part of our lives.”

Funnel Cake Express

The place to get funnel cakes at Yonge and Wellesley announced they were closing shop effective immediately on February 24. Their food trucks, funnel cake kits and event services are still running so expect to see them at street festivals in the summer.

New Toronto restaurants

CoMMO at Betty’s

This new food and beverage experience is helmed by Michael Sullivan, formerly of Victor and Stackt Market. It’s full name is a mouthful: Community of Meals and Menus Online. It’s a one-stop shop inside of King East bar Betty’s and is now open for pick up with delivery coming soon. Takeout for tonight, frozen meals for tomorrow is their motto. They have a range of chef-prepared frozen meals like mac and cheese, cauliflower gratin, lasagna, cabbage rolls and enchiladas.

Dished Pizza

A new spot for Detroit pizza just opened in Mississauga. They make limited batches so it’s first come first serve. They’ve got all the classic flavours but also do a jerk chicken pizza and a Big Mac-inspired pizza.

Forever Burger

This new burger joint is serving new takes on the tried and true favourite with Tex Mex (beef patty, cajun chicken breast, guac and more) and Philly (two patties, caramelized onions, Philly sauce, mozzarella, mushrooms and bell peppers) burgers. They also do grilled and fried chicken sandwiches, paninis, desserts and milkshakes.

G. Sweets

G. Sweets does weekend deliveries of indulgent homemade baked goods like chunky brownies, triple-decker chocolate fudge cake and alfajores.

Paddler Thai

Parkdale’s latest place to grab Thai takeout is all about boat noodles or kuaytiaw rua. A recipe that originated in floating markets in Thailand, it’s a dish made up of a dark soup filled with Thai herbs, dark soy sauce and coconut milk. The noodles are topped with Chinese broccoli, bean sprouts, fresh basil, cilantro, fried garlic and pork rinds. They are also standbys like red curry and pad Thai on the menu.

Tom’s Dairy Freeze

Tom’s iconic soft serve is now available in Trinity Bellwoods. The new location will be a godsend in the summer but you can also start summer early and get some scoops of chocolate chip cookie dough, salted caramel cookie or plain old vanilla now.

Triple O’s

This West Coast burger chain has big plans for Ontario. They plan to open 30 locations in the next five years but for now they’re starting with Mississauga. They do burgers, fries and shakes and with a legacy going back to 1928, you can expect diner food made the traditional way.

Yaksha South East Asian Eatery

Midtown has a new spot to grab South East Asian street food and Thai iced tea. Yaksha took over the space formerly inhabited by gelato shop Les Epicuriens. Their menu consists of Vietnamese and Thai rice bowls and crispy spring rolls for now.


Note: This post has been updated to clarify that Agincourt Bakery is still open for now.

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