You can now order alcohol from the LCBO in Toronto via a delivery app

The LCBO has partnered with SkipTheDishes to offer alcohol delivery from 15 stores in Toronto

You can now order alcohol for delivery directly from the LCBO in Toronto through food delivery app SkipTheDishes.

The partnership is beginning with 15 LCBO stores in Toronto. Under the partnership, on-demand LCBO delivery will be available exclusively through Skip the Dishes.

Previously, the LCBO offered an alcohol delivery option via Canada Post, but the government-run retailer couldn’t guarantee a delivery date and the time frame varied from a few days to a few weeks. Additionally, delivery directly through the LCBO only offered the company’s everyday stock list.

This new delivery service through SkipTheDishes will now offer over 300 wine, beer and spirits, including a selection of local alcoholic beverages. Customers can also order gift bags, boxes and ice through the delivery option.

“We anticipate it will be a great success over the holiday season and we hope to expand the service further across the province in the new year,” president & CEO of LCBO George Soleas said in a press release.

Regular Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario guidelines around sale of alcohol still apply. So if a delivery recipient fails to produce valid ID, appears to be intoxicated, or attempts to purchase for a minor or impaired individual, the delivery will be cancelled.

All LCBO stores and other liquor stores remain open even in regions under lockdown, though they must operate at 50 per cent capacity and all customers are required to keep a two-metre distance between each other at all times.

The LCBO alcohol delivery service will be available every day from 10 am to one hour prior to close, except on Mondays. Check the SkipTheDishes app or website to see if your local LCBO is included in the available delivery zones.


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5 responses to “You can now order alcohol from the LCBO in Toronto via a delivery app”

  1. More than 3 millions deaths per year in the World, due to alcoholism, But LCBO is deemed essential. Rhetoric is such a fluid art! Getting more and more impressed by the honesty and abilities of our leaders.

  2. Hey Julia, I’m curious to know the structure of this deal between the LCBO and SkipTheDishes. How much of a cut from the LCBO’s standard income/Ontario tax revenue will SkipTheDishes be receiving?

  3. So the LCBO is now competing against local bars and restaurants who were doing this to keep the lights on? This is obscene.

  4. So is it SkiptheDishes (subhead, paragraphs 1, 4, 8) or Skip the Dishes (paragraph 2)? Hmmm? Damn those expectations of consistency and accuracy! Sheesh!

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