For the Parkdale hipster

Levi's denim jacket ($95), Wordsmiths United.

Levi’s denim jacket ($95), Wordsmiths United grey sweater ($65), Chapter apron pants ($275), Kovalum commando cap ($34, all Model Citizen, 279 Augusta, 416-553-6632,, Sully Wong Scottie shoe ($160, Gotstyle, 21 Trinity, 416-260-9696, and other,

Long sleeve onesie

David Hawe

Who says babies can’t be hip, too (#iwokeuplikethis long-sleeve onesie, $31, Mini Mioche, 795 Queen West, 647-348-5883, and other, 

Cat internet celebrity

David Hawe

Why even have a cat if you can’t turn him or her into a revenue-generating internet superstar (How To Make Your Cat An Internet Celebrity, $13.95, Rolo, 24 Bellair, 416-920-0100,

Menu beer foamer

Don’t let a bad pour ruin your craft beer. The Menu beer foamer separates the foaming process from the pouring process, leaving you with crisp beer and soft, dense foam ($32.95, Hudson’s Bay, 176 Yonge, 416-861-9111, and others,

Bike bell

David Hawe

Give your metal steed some character with this Dring bike bell speedometer hand-painted with eco-friendly paints by Annie Legroulx. Bonus: the bells are baked, making them pretty weather-resistant ($21.50, Le Tablier Blanc, 550A College, 647-883-0091, and other,


David Hawe

Not that we’re recommending wintertime boozing in Trinity Bellwoods, but if we were, this Autruche liquid courage flask would be perfect for the job ($24, Gotstyle).


David Hawe

A hipster is nothing without a cool hat. Try one of these wool camp hats from Toronto brand Outclass on for size ($85, Gerhard Supply, 2949 Dundas West, 416-797-1290, 

Ramen plate

David Hawe

Whoa. Look like you’re eating ramen even when you’re not with this ramen plate from local artist Jacqueline Poirier ($100,

Adult onesie

David Hawe

This locally designed Arborist adult onesie in an eye-catching Mountie print even boasts the traditional butt flap ($39, Drake General Store, 1144 Queen West, 416-531-5042, and others,

Dumpling cube

David Hawe

It’s too cold outside to drag your hungover ass to dim sum. Make your own dumplings at home with the Dumpling Cube ($25, Shop AGO, 317 Dundas West, 416-979-6627,

Mixology kit

David Hawe

Regular old cosmopolitans are for the plebs. Instead, use this molecular mixology kit to serve a cosmo bubble on a spoon that pops in your mouth, or top your cocktails with a fluffy cranberry foam ($32.95, BYOB Cocktail Emporium, 972 Queen West, 416-858-2932,

Bike wheel clock

This Tread & Pedals recycled bike wheel clock is the perfect statement piece to distract from your shitty, overpriced bachelor apartment ($180.22, Etsy, 

Teddy bear

David Hawe

This Love is Lame teddy bear isn’t a traditional romantic, but his message gets across all the same ($28, Drake General Store, 1144 Queen West, 416-531-5042, and other,

Handmade stuffed animal

David Hawe

This handmade stuffed animal is the perfect companion for kids and adults alike ($65, Ma-Zone, 63 Jarvis, 416-868-0330,

Neopreme necklace

David Hawe

Scuba-inspired clothes are one of the season’s hottest trends, but don’t forget about accessories (neoprene necklace, $130, Ma-Zone, 63 Jarvis, 416-868-0330,


David Hawe

This season’s hottest accessory? Toronto pride (Maptote, $29, Gotstyle, 21 Trinity, 416-260-9696, and other,

Desk lamp

Talk about recycling: this crafty Iliui Kawaii desk lamp is made from tomato cans collected from pizzerias ($34.91, Etsy,

Poutine bowl

David Hawe

A made-in-Montreal poutine bowl for the true poutine connoisseur ($24, Spruce on Parliament, 455 Parliament, 647-748-4060,

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