Four Tet


Choosing the top track in NOW reviews can sometimes feel like an impossible task – a reader might only listen to that one song before giving up, so an album’s fate is partly in your hands. (Or maybe I’m being a touch dramatic.) With Four Tet’s latest album, however, the choice is easy. Morning/Evening consists of just two 20-minute songs, and Morning Side is the clear standout. 

Continuing his focus on house music, Four Tet (aka UK producer Kieran Hebden) weaves hypnotic synth lines and fast, never-changing dance-floor beats pounding like a metronome with sampled Bollywood vocals. The transitions throughout that first track aren’t as seamless as you’d expect from Hebden, but they’re also what keeps the music from slipping into the background. 

Although Evening Side follows the same formula, it lacks emotional punch. View it less like “party music,” as the title suggests, and add it instead to your late-night chill-out playlist.

Top track: Morning Side

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