A Taller Us

On her debut album as Foxtrott, Montreal electronic pop artist Marie-Hélène Delorme balances her lush, romantic melodies with careful minimalism. It’s obvious she’s taken great care with her arrangements and production, but you also get the sense she spent just as much time trimming away extraneous layers and details so that the core of the songs could shine through.

While Foxtrott’s got a distinct sound, it’s not unlike the dominant trends in electronic indie pop. What sets her apart is her avoidance of sugar-rush choruses and EDM references she seems more inspired by classical and hip-hop. She’s less about big moments and more about small details, which helps the music stand up to repeat listens. 

It’s a promising debut that successfully establishes her voice but sometimes feels tentative and reserved. Less polish might’ve helped bring the emotion of her songwriting closer to the surface. 

Top track: Patience

Foxtrott plays the Garrison Friday (February 12). See listing.

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