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Hey, it’s summer. What more could you want?

Earlier this year, the cheerful elves at Bay Street Video asked me to curate their next Films For Free list we decided to focus on movies where every role was filled by precisely the right actor. And then, of course, the damn thing got out of control.

We came up with so many titles that the list was split into two halves the first hundred or so titles were put up in January, and now it’s time to cycle in the rest of them as The Perfect Cast, Part II goes up for (free) rental.

It’s a good list, if I do say so myself I tried to balance clear choices like Cukor’s The Philadelphia Story, Cassavetes’s Husbands and Altman’s The Player with a few titles people might not consider in this context, like Cronenberg’s Spider, Scorsese’s The Departed or Soderbergh’s Haywire. Really, though, take a look at the list, pick something you haven’t watched in a while and enjoy yourself. It’s summertime.

In other free-stuff news, here is your polite reminder that it’s NOW Free Flick Monday time again at 7 pm on July 6, I’ll be introducing a special sneak preview screening of Jalmari Helander’s goofily entertaining actioner Big Game at The Royal. (Here’s my TIFF review, if you need a refresher). Come down and watch U.S. President Samuel L. Jackson run around a Finnish mountain, trying to evade the terrorists who shot down Air Force One! Doors open at 6 pm the first 100 guests get free pop and popcorn, and everybody gets to have a great time.

And on Wednesday (July8), be sure to drop into David Pecaut Square after 7:30 pm for TIFF’s 40th anniversary party the festival is celebrating itself with cupcakes and live music before kicking off this summer’s edition of TIFF In The Park with Baz Luhrmann’s Strictly Ballroom. I will not be there myself, as I’ll be down at Harbourfront prepping to launch my own free-flicks series at 9 pm with Raising Arizona … but say hi to everyone for me, would you? Thanks.

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