Fringe Fest 2017: Directory of shows and reviews

It's decision time. What shows from this year's huge list of incredible productions are you going to choose? Select each title.

It’s decision time. What shows from this year’s huge list of incredible productions are you going to choose?

Select each title to get official info on the show and to buy tickets. We’ve also included links to our previews and reviews, with new entries added daily through the fest. Click here to see the latest.

A >>> denotes a Critics’ Pick.

>>> Am I Pretty Now? A Musical Romp Through Plastic Surgery [See NNNN review]

13 Ways The World Ends

>>> 32 Short Sketches About Bees [See NNNN review]

4.48 Psychosis

6 Quick Dick Tricks: A Dirk Darrow Investigation [See NNN review]

About Time [See NNN review]

Adult Entertainment [see NNN review]

Adventure Theatre Danceband Presents “The Fateful Agenda!” [see NN review]

Alex The Artist

Algonquin Highway

All Things Need Saying

>>> Alone In This Together [See NNNN review]

And Then It Happened… [see NNN review]

The Atomic Tradition

Bad Baby Presents: Rules Control The Fun [See NNN review]

>>> Bad Date: A Cautionary Tale [See NNNN review]

>>> Bad Dog Theatre Presents: Animated! [See NNNN review]

The Balding

Becoming Me

>>> Bendy Sign Tavern [See NNNN review]

Blink’s Garden

Brain Storm

Bugger The Butterfly! (Or My Sci-Fi Hollywood Adventure) [See NNN review]

>>> Butt Kapinski [see NNNN review]

>>> Caitlin & Eric Are Broken Up [See NNNN review]

Chad Mallett [see NNN review]

>>> The Clergy Project [See NNNN review]

Confidential Musical Theatre Project [See NNN review]


D&D Yoga [See NNN review]

Dear Uncle Wish

Death Meets Harlequin

>>> Delirium [see NNNNN review]

The Diddlin’ Bibbles Live In Concert

Disengaged [See NNN review]

The Door [See NN review]

Earth Tourist

Everything There Is To Know [See NN review]

The “F” Word [See NNN review]

Fables From Far Away Lands [See NNN review]

Falling Angel [See NN review]

Fastcar: Man Of Action

A Flea In Her Ear

The Food Project [see NNN review]

For The Love Of Pie

Graham Clark’s Not Here [See NNN review]

Grande Midlife Mocha Latte [See NNN review]

Grey [see NNN review]

Hands Down [see article and NNN review]

Happy Birthday Benjamin Holloway [See NNN review]

Happy Family

Heather Eli & Dance Co. [see NNN review]


High Park Noir [See NN review]

How Did You Find Me Here?

Hyena Subpoena

>>> I Am Hope [See NNNN review]

I Ate The Sandbox

>>> In Search Of Cruise Control [See NNNN review]

In Sundry Languages [See NNN review]

>>> Interstellar Elder [See NNNN review]

It’s My Penis And I’ll Cry If I Want To

>>> James & Jamesy In The Dark [see NNNN review]

>>> Jay & Shilo’s Sibling Revelry [See article] [See NNNN review]

Kara Sevda [See NNN review]

Lantern Tales From The Ottawa Valley

>>> Lemons Lemons Lemons Lemons Lemons [See NNNN review]

Les Murs Ont Des Yeux

Letters To Annabelle [See NN review]

>>> The Life Henri [See NNNN review]

Life Records 2: Side B [See NN review]

Life’s A Betch

>>> Lipstique [See NNNN review]

Love And Information [See NNN review]

Lover Lover [See NNN review]

>>> Lysistrata [See NNNNN review]

>>> Macbeth Muet [see NNNNN review]

>>> Macbeth’s Head [see NNNN review]

>>> Maddie’s Karaoke Birthday Party [See NNNN review]

Madeleine Says Sorry

A Magic Show

Magic To The Future

>>> Magical Mystery Detour [See NNNN review]


A Mickey Full Of Mouse

The Miserable Worm

The Moaning Yoni

>>> Monsters By Nature [see NNNN review]

>>> Moonlight After Midnight [See NNNNN review]


>>> Multiple Organism [see NNNN review]

>>> Murder In The Cottonwoods [see NNNN review]

Mutts Or: 101 Libations

>>> Nasty [See NNNN review]

Nasty Woman [See NNN review]

>>> Night At Castle Impendingdoom [See NNNN review]

The Night Hart Crane Kissed Me [See NN review]

Nithy, Ace Detective

No Place [See NNN review]

Not Enough [See NN review]

Not Good


Odd One Out

Office Hours

The Old Wolf And The Sacred Trout

Olive Copperbottom: A New Musical [see NNN review]

On The Inside [see NNN review]

Open Rescue: The Play

Operation Sunshine

Palestineman [See NNN review]

Perfect Couples [See NN review]

>>> A Peter N’ Chris-tmas Carol [See NNNN review]

Picaza [see NNN review]

Pillow Talk [see NNN review]

Pineapple Club [see NNN review]

Plague: A Sic Love Story

Plays In Cafes

Post No Bills [see NN review]

>>> Real Actors. Not People. [see NNNN review]

>>> Recall [see NNNN review]

The Resurrectionists [See NNN review]


Roommate Agreements [See NN review]

Rough Magic [See NNN review]

Scat [See NNN review]


>>> The Seat Next To The King [see NNNNN review]

>>> Seeking Refuge [See article] [see NNNN review]

>>> SELF-ish [See NNNN review]

Shadowlands [See NN review]

>>> Shakespeare’s Ghostbusters [See NNNN review]

>>> She Grew Funny [See article] [See NNNN review]

>>> Shirley Gnome: Taking It Up The Notch [see NNNN review]

Show Your Flames

Silence S’il Vous Plait [See NNN review]

Singing To My Left Kidney

Sleepless Nights


>>> Soaring In Liquid Skies [see NNNN review]

Songs For A New World Order [See NNN review]

>>> Special Constables [see NNNN review]

The Teeny Tiny Music Show

Ten Creative Ways To Dispose Of Your Cremains [see NNN review]

Things Drugs Taught Me [See NNN review]

This Is Not She

Three Dates And A Flooded Basement

Traffic Jams [See NN review]

>>> True North Mixtape [See NNNN review]

Universal Horrors [See NN review]

Vasily Djokavich: Russia’s #1 State Approved Comedian [See NNN review]

Wanted [see NNN review]

>>> Weaksauce [see NNNN review]

Weirder Thou Art [See NNN review]

Welcome To The Bunker!

What I Haven’t Said

White Wedding

Who, Me.

Wild/Walled [See NNN review]

Woody Sed [See NN review]

You Are Perfect [see NN review]

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