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DAUGHTERS OF FEMINISTS by Johnson, Johnston and Wilde..

DAUGHTERS OF FEMINISTS by Johnson, Johnston and Wilde. The Boat (158 Augusta). July 7 at 8 pm. Buy tickets. Rating: NNNNN

There’s only one more performance of this cabaret by Johnson, Johnston and Wilde, but it deserves to be sold out. Anika Johnson, Barbara Johnston (who acts as host) and Suzy Wilde are some of the most talented people in the music and musical theatre scene. Seize any opportunity to see them live.

This high-energy cabaret, featuring different guests each night, is an intelligent, inspiring and raucously funny look at being raised by feminists, female and male. Guests on the night I attended included Nancy White (who’s also Wilde’s mom), writer of the opening title number, who performed another witty, rousing song, Men Are Great, and a song about trying to survive as a middle-aged Canadian female performer that is timeless.

Sheila McCarthy, no slouch in the singing department, opted to tell some personal stories and read from her high school diary (hilarious), while Rebecca Perry, after a short anecdote about being ignored by a boyfriend in school, shaped Feist’s 1234 with consummate skill, finding the heart of it in the final lines.

There was much more, including a lovely number from a musical called Anne & Gilbert (by Bob Johnston, Barbara’s dad, who played keyboards) and White. And Katherine Cullen performed a number with co-writer Britta Johnson (Anika’s sister) about a horrible Tinder profile.

I could go on. But you should just buy a ticket for tonight’s performance.

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