Fringe Review: Folk Lordz

FOLK LORDZ Factory Studio See show info here Rating: NNN Todd Houseman.


Factory Studio

See show info here

Rating: NNN

Todd Houseman and Ben Gorodetsky, an ambitious and talented duo from Edmonton, unite longform improvisational comedy and folk storytelling in Folk Lordz. Based on each performer’s heritage (First Nations for Houseman and Russian for Gorodetsky), their format always includes a Cree origin story, a Chekhov-influenced scene and finally, a wild-card genre. They create the three scenes based on audience input.

Suggestions at the July 3 show included why dogs sniff each other’s butts, regrettable education choices and a Hitchcockian film about a shower in Toronto that also had to include local landmarks (a formidable challenge for the Edmontonians at which Gorodetsky excelled).

They listen carefully and play off each other well, skillfully interweaving the three stories many times over. But the scenes contained more narrative than action raising the stakes for each other would have upped the tension.

Still, their physical, engaging scenes got many laughs. Houseman has a talent for sound effects, while Gorodetsky is especially good with quick verbal comebacks.


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