>>>Fringe Review: Gavin Crawford: “Friend” “Like” #Me

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Rating: NNNN

You won’t look at your computer or cellphone in quite the same way after watching Gavin Crawford‘s supremely funny sendup of social media, “Friend” “Like” #Me.

He’s dealt with social media before in other shows – notably his classic Cole Porter on Grindr bit – but he takes things to a new level here. Beginning with the decision to give up his computer because he’s wasting time on YouTube, he critiques hypocritical Facebook friends and the endless think pieces about Rachel Dolezal et al. Deconstructing the idea of “mindfulness” – “which used to be called paying attention” – he then launches into a biting impression of Huffington Post maven Ariana Huffington.

An extended bit about watching the birds in High Park – and listening to their tweets, get it? – doesn’t quite hit its mark. But a scene about being accosted by Facebook “friends” at the theatre and the drugstore are dead-on. And he’s got a hilarious short joke about how CBC personalities can track their success by the number of notifications they get on social media. (I won’t spoil the brilliant punchline.)

Other targets of his witty wrath (the show is co-written by Kyle Tingley, who also directs) include the Koch brothers, vaccination deniers and vapers. The final part of the show is devoted to a scene bonding with a straight white male in a bar, which gets him reminiscing about porn and the memory of one life-changing (and beautifully realized here onstage) episode in his youth in Southern Alberta.

This leads to a poignant conclusion that feels a tiny bit forced. But Crawford’s heart – and his humour – are in the right place. This of-the-moment show has great touring potential and will likely sell out. Buy your tickets now. And “like” and retweet this review, dammit.


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