>>>Fringe Review: pool (no water)

pool (no water) Tarragon Theatre Mainspace Rating: NNNN See show.

pool (no water)

Tarragon Theatre Mainspace

Rating: NNNN

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Art, friendship, success and jealousy are the key ingredients in Mark Ravenhill’s dark-as-pitch comedy pool (no water).

Four unnamed artist friends, all well-meaning individuals (or so they present themselves at first), are invited by a fifth creator, the most successful of their group, to her fabulous house for some needed R&R. When she is seriously injured in a pool mishap, the quartet first mourn and then realize they’ve been given material for their next project.

The text weaves strands of address to the audience with scenes depicting the characters’ lives before and after the accident. A terrific ensemble cast (Chy Ryan Spain, Sarah Illitovitch-Goldman, Daniel Roberts and Allison Price) morph into all sorts of haunted, lost characters and offer some great (and often sarcastic) tableaux vivants under Jill Harper’s fine direction, with the assistance of choreographer Patricia Allison.

The spare design (set by Christine Groom, lighting by Simon Rossiter and sound by Tim Lindsay) is just as sharp as the performances.

Fast-moving, intellectually and morally stimulating, and filled with angry humour, this show is going to be a Fringe hit.

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