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SERVED Epicure Cafe (502 Queen West) See show info.


Epicure Cafe (502 Queen West)

See show info here

Rating: NNNN

You’ll want to tip your next waiter extra generously after seeing Served, Graham Isador‘s terrific site-specific show that’s being performed in an intimate second floor section of the Epicure Café.

Aspiring rock musician Sandra (Jillian Welsh) is biding her time waiting tables, but lately she’s having a tough time deciphering the mixed messages coming from the restaurant’s passive-aggressive manager, Ken (Ron Kelly), who finds fault with everything from her clothes to the way she answers the phone. Her colleague Dylan (En Lai Mah) is happier at the job, even putting up with annoying patrons, all played with obnoxious glee by Glyn Bowerman.

Isador’s script is smart in the way it suggests Sandra’s contradictory feelings about her life and career, and there are some nice interactive moments that wouldn’t play as well in a larger space. Director Tom Arthur Davis brilliantly interweaves nightmarish scenes with the bustle and excitement of a busy shift, helped by Kelly’s effective soundscape. There’s also some entertaining choreography, including an amusing sequence involving pepper mills.

The performers are very good, especially Welsh, who seems equally at ease with comedy and drama. If she has a day job like this, I hope she sticks with the acting she’s a natural.


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