Beyond being a slurred, navel-gazing affair, Future’s DS2 (aka Dirty Sprite 2) represents a certain strain of contemporary hip-hop that revels in pointlessness. In lieu of artistry or any semblance of lyrical spark, DS2 offers monotonous production and relentless chanting that might appeal to someone too fucked up to skip to the next track.

For all the talk of fucking and drugs and sipping Henny and syrup, there’s nothing celebratory about these songs. Groupies and Stick Talk are juvenile and disaffected, with no dynamics or emotion. Robot zombies might be touched by all these clipped, repetitious, in-a-stupor hooks like “I just took a piss and I seen codeine coming out.”

Is it unfair, for the sake of hip-hop, to expect some whiff of ambition from this rising star? Is it wrong to point to others in the field who have been game-changers already this year (e.g., Kendrick Lamar, Vince Staples, Kanye West)? No! If DS2 is championed as an “event record” by anyone, then quality control is obsolete and the future is as bleak as Future.

Top track: Where Ya At, featuring Drake

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