Dreaming In Circles

It’s a music snob cliché, but Ginla’s debut EP really ought to be listened to on headphones. The lush textures of the Toronto-Brooklyn electronic duo (Joe Manzoli and Jon Nellen) are so subtle and fine, they might otherwise be completely missed. For example, We’re All Floating sounds like what a warm bath feels like – tender and like you never want it to end, with tangents of shimmering synth that keep the song from drifting into a completely sleepy state. 

Other times, however, the duo throw nuance out the window, like on the most upbeat track, Things You Have, which is overloaded with stray effects and woozy vocals, making it hard to find the song’s essential groove. Overall: a solid debut from two young producers who clearly have a knack for ethereal soundscapes and are on their way toward mastering the subtle art of layering.

Top track: We’re All Floating

Ginla play the Piston December 11 and 15.    

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