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GOD KNOWS WHERE I AM (Todd Wider, Jedd Wider,.

GOD KNOWS WHERE I AM (Todd Wider, Jedd Wider, U.S.). 99 minutes. Rating: NNNN

Long-time producers Todd and Jedd Wider (Taxi To The Dark Side, Client 9) make their directorial debut with an artful look at the troubled life and lonely death of Linda Bishop, whose body was discovered in a New Hampshire farmhouse in the spring of 2008.

Through interviews with her family and friends, the Widers recount Linda’s life and her deterioration after a diagnosis of severe bipolar psychosis that sent her plummeting into America’s badly overtaxed health-care system.

The Widers don’t sensationalize any of this. God Knows Where I Am is a gentle, elegiac work, with great compassion for its subject. Indeed, it’s Linda’s own voice that comes through most powerfully, represented in readings from her journal performed by the actor Lori Singer

Apr 30, 9:15 pm, Scotiabank 4 May 2, 12:15 pm, TIFF 4 May 7, 9:30 pm, Scotiabank 13

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