Hangover Cure #1: Chocolate milk

The world's perfect beverage proves even more useful after a long night.

As promised, we’re rolling out reader-submitted hangover cures all week, in anticipation of the Holiday Drink Guide appearing this Thursday in print. Our first submission comes to us alllllll the way from the nine-oh-five, courtesy Colleen Cole.

“The cure that has worked for me without question is a pint or two of chocolate milk,” she writes. “Not white milk. That’s a disaster, but chocolate milk works like a charm: liquid (you are dehydrated), protein (stops the spins), sugar (you need the energy), caffeine (see sugar) and those wondrous mind-altering effects from chocolate.”

Colleen also added, “Bring on the Theobromine and the PEA endorphins,” but we have no idea what those words mean. Is Theobromine a type of bitters?

Got a better solution? E-mail us at web@nowtoronto.com with the subject line “HANGOVER CURE” and we may publish your response, and you may win a prize. Otherwise, chime in below to discuss the validity of Colleen’s cure.


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