Happy mid-February, everyone!

A couple of cinematic suggestions for this holiday weekend.

Everyone has his or her favourite Valentine’s Day movie. For some, it’s The Princess Bride for others, The Notebook. Hey, people like what they like I’m sure someone will hold up The Vow as a perfect Valentine’s picture, though I do not believe I would want to sit next to that person at the movies.

If you’re looking to mark the holiday with a genuine discovery, get yourself and your sweetie down to Innis Town Hall for tonight’s free CINSSU screening of Hal Ashby’s demented romance Harold & Maude at 7 pm. It’s a wonderfully odd tale of a May-December romance – kind of – between morose youth Bud Cort and vital senior Ruth Gordon.

If you’ve never seen it, this is an ideal opportunity if you’re already familiar with it, the news of a free screening probably got you all excited and now you’re reconsidering your dinner plans. Good for you! Embrace the happenstance!

Also, in honour of this very special day, here is an interview with the most romantic person in the whole wide world.

Now, on to Family Day. Do you have a family? Do you need to do something with them on Monday? TIFF Bell Lightbox’s annual Family Day program offers film screenings and workshops, including programs of shorts, screenings of the documentary The Short Game (about 7-year-old golfers) and the animated animal adventure Khumba and free animation workshops. Or you could just take everyone to see The Lego Movie, which is pretty freakin’ delightful.

You’re welcome.

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