Allyssa Rawes

Harris Institute Faculty: 30 Years Rock Enrolling

As part of the Harris Digital Residency, we’re profiling alumni and faculty of Harris Institute. Read about highlights and memories of Harris throughout the years and help celebrate 30 years of excellence.

Who are you?

Allyssa Rawes, monitor engineer and live audio technician.

What do you teach at Harris? What are other ways you are involved in the music industry?

I teach digital live sound at Harris. I’m a freelance live audio engineer. I work with bands, festivals, production companies and venues. I specialize in monitor engineering, and I’m also the technical director of the Mod Club.

Why do you think Harris is such an internationally acclaimed school?

Harris offers intense training from instructors who are still working in the entertainment industry. They offer hands-on experience in class, but those who show initiative and passion often find many real world opportunities for experience through their instructors or Harris alumni. I believe what Harris offers more than anything is access to networking opportunities, which is so valuable in our industry

How do you define excellence in teaching?

Teaching is not just about passing along information, it’s about the personal learning experience. It’s about knowledge, but more importantly, it’s sending a group of students into the working world better than you found them. It’s translating your passion so they can see the beauty of loving your job and, in turn, become excited about learning. If you’re not excited about learning, you’ll never have a successful career. Learning doesn’t stop when you graduate.

What has been your proudest moment at Harris?

A few years ago, when I went to John Harris about a sexual assault that happened while I was attending Harris in 2008, he believed me and took action. Telling someone was one of the hardest things I’ve ever had to do. He gave me the support I needed and went above and beyond to protect others. I’m proud to be a part of his school.

Any additional comments?

Harris is a valuable tool if you’re passionate about building a career in the entertainment industry. This is an insanely difficult industry to work in, but is absolutely worth it if you love what you do. Harris is good at giving you the tools you need, but also pushing you hard and giving you a realistic sense of the challenges you’ll face in the industry. More importantly it opens you up to an important network of powerful job opportunities.

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