Chris Stringer

Harris Institute Alumni: 30 Years Rock Enrolling

As part of the Harris Digital Residency, we’re profiling alumni and faculty of Harris Institute. Read about highlights and memories of Harris throughout the years and help celebrate 30 years of excellence.

Who are you?

Chris Stringer, producer/engineer/owner of Union Sound Company.

When did you graduate from Harris Institute? What are you doing now?

I graduated from Harris in 1993. I am in my 25th year of being a producer/engineer/mixer. I also am one of three owners of Union Sound Company.

Looking back, what faculty member or course was the most influential to you and why?

The Producing Engineering Program courses with Tom Rogers, who laid down the theoretical basis for the knowledge I was to build upon once out in the field.

What is one of your proudest professional accomplishments?

Finishing any record is an accomplishment. Each one is different, with different relationships forged and new ideas and sounds explored.

Any additional comments?

Having Megan Bonnell’s single Separate Rooms reach number one this year was a proud moment. Being voted NOW Magazine’s Producer of the Year in 2013 was cool, too.

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