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Harris Institute Alumni: 30 Years Rock Enrolling

As part of the Harris Digital Residency, we’re profiling alumni and faculty of Harris Institute. Read about highlights and memories of Harris throughout the years and help celebrate 30 years of excellence.

Who are you?

Norm Beaver, music supervisor at Nelvana: A Corus Entertainment Company.

When did you graduate from Harris Institute? What are you doing now?

I gradated in 1998, and I am now a music supervisor for an animation company.

Looking back, what faculty member or course was the most influential to you and why?

Music Mathematics (I forget the teachers name unfortunately) connected frequencies to the key signature of a song and taught how sound correlates to music notation.

What is one of your proudest professional accomplishments?

The composing team at DNA won an Emmy for their theme song 6Teen. I was the music supervisor on this show and was very proud of the series and the music created by DNA.

Any additional comments?

I often talk about Harris Institute with joy. Harris gave me the jumpstart to my new career in music and audio production and I never looked back.

I always recommend Harris to young students interested in audio, music creation, film and TV. The education you receive from the professionals at Harris is thorough. Harris gave me a solid foundation to speak the language of music and the abilities to capture, manipulate and distribute audio of any kind.

From live to sound to studio recordings, my clients trust me with their sound.

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