Skin And Let Live

Denver trio Homebody slide easily into the yelp rock category, which people tend to love or hate. But there’s lots more on offer beyond the singing style: skittering, stripped-down arrangements, smoothly clean guitar jangle, songs that skid around unpredictably, less earnestness than that genre typically showcases. 

They’ve called themselves “anti-party post-pop,” and when you zero in on the lyrics, it’s true that they lean toward depressed. (Sample song titles: Alarm, Distressed, Shallow Breathing.) The overall feel, though, is buoyant and curious, thanks in part to the upbeat melodies. 

Permanent Accompanist has long instrumental sections and tempo changes in addition to a cheery vocal melody. Hollow Nest has terrifically rushing note-y guitar lines that propel it into the afternoon sunshine. Guilter Shrine is the most post-punky and angular track, casting some welcome shadows. 

The members are clearly instrumentalists first, songwriters second, but both worlds meld often enough to satisfy. 

Top track: Hollow Nest

Homebody play Friday (June 19) at Backyard BBQ Banger at 8-11 and Smiling Buddha as part of NXNE.

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