Warm On A Cold Night

Today’s dating world is filled with keeping options open, mixed signals and all-round confusion. But Honne’s Warm On A Cold Night evokes the natural excitement that comes with every new chase for a genuine connection. 

The UK electronic soul duo first shared what’s at the heart of their music in 2015 in the soulful and experimental R&B EP Coastal Love. It wasn’t until earlier this year, though, with their Gone Are The Days EP, that Andy and James stepped deeper into their own sound, with more inventive lyrics and dynamic melodies. 

That continues on this debut full-length, an emotional roller coaster on which lead singer Andy seductively makes the idea of honestly opening yourself up seem attractive. The groovy title track opener delivers romantic flow and sets the theme of fully letting your emotions go. 

Seventies and 80s soul and funk influences shine through on nearly every track, but especially on Out Of My Control and It Ain’t Wrong Loving You. Good Together could be the soundtrack to a modern-day rom-com, at the point near the end of the film when the couple accept each other and realize things don’t have to be so complicated. 

The songs can easily keep a crowd moving, even during smooth, deep tracks like All In The Value and Til The Evening. Andy’s powerful yet controlled vocals effortlessly complement his and James’s productions, which are built on synths, guitar and bass line melodies. Honne’s old-school, infectiously charming approach offers an inspiring view of love. 

Top track: All In The Value

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