HotKid Rip It Up

Hard-rocking Toronto duo debut trippy new video

Toronto guitar-and-drums combo HotKid seem to be on every bill lately, including in the opening slot for Sloan back in June at the Mod Club and on their American tour.

While it seems that they’re never offstage, HotKid must have found some time to do some recording and get creative. Rip It Into Pieces (available for free download on the band’s website right now) is the latest single from singer/guitar player Shiloh Harrison and drummer Robbie Butcher who were introduced by no-less a Toronto rock icon than Ian Blurton.

For Rip It Into Pieces, HotKid reunited with director Alon Isocianu, who also made HotKid’s Yours And Mine video and Candy Coated Killahz’ futuristic Neon Black clip.

“It was largely Alon’s inspiration from the beginning,” Butcher say. “The original concept was a lot simpler: slower cutting with us stationary in different locations, in juxtaposition with the song, but it became apparent that a fast, psyched-out video was more appropriate.”

The resulting video intersperses kaleidoscopic and nightmarish visions of the band in fantastical settings with the duo performing in a room with walls made out of people. On top of that, there’s a lot of face paint, explosions and leather.

“We had a few requests,” he continues, “like our eyes being on fire and the giant drum kit, but other that it’s all Alon. A fun side note, all of the extras are from local Toronto bands that we like: Spitfist, PKEWPKEWPKEW, Ooooh Baby Gimme Mores, Modern Boys Modern Girls and the BB Guns.”

Rip It Into Pieces debuts on MuchMusic tonight, but you can see it here first!


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