How to live in Toronto without a car

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Living in Toronto without a car is a blessing and a curse. While it means you can avoid traffic on the Gardiner, the TTC isn’t exactly designed to help you move your furniture or take your cat to the vet.

There’s a growing niche for businesses that offer products and services targeted to help those without cars enjoy a full, urban lifestyle. We’ve collected a few of our favourites here. 

Casper Mattresses 

This fast-growing startup has made it incredibly easy to get a quality mattress that will help you sleep well. You don’t need a car or a pick-up truck to get it – you don’t actually have to go to a store at all. Just visit Casper’s website, select your mattress size, and they’ll ship it to you for free. All you have to do is wait for the curiously well-packed box to arrive. You’ll have 100 days to decide how much you love sleeping on a bed that offers just the right support and bounce. If you’re not satisfied, Casper will give you a full refund and pick it up. 

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Gravity Bike Rack

A bike can be your best friend when you don’t have a car in Toronto. But if you’re wary of regularly leaving your ride locked up outside overnight, Mountain Equipment Co-op offers a gravity bike rack that can easily fit inside an apartment or condo. It keeps your bike elevated so you can take advantage of vertical space and keep your floor uncluttered. The best part is that a gravity bike rack doesn’t require drilling or permanent attachments to the wall. 

mec bike rack.jpg

Prepared Meal Delivery

Toronto has seen a spike in startups that offer prepared meal delivery services, and that’s a really good sign if you’re constantly pressed for time between long workdays and social commitments. With a full and varied menu, Chowdy lets you pick up your preordered dishes or you can have them delivered, all according to the number of meals you want made for you. Veggie options are available too. 


Pet Taxi Service

If your pet is sick or needs to be groomed by a professional, it can be a logistical nightmare to get them to an appointment on time – especially if you have other commitments. A pet taxi service will pick up your pet and bring them to the appointment then return them home afterwards. This helps make sure your pets get the care they need when it’s necessary, instead of just when it’s convenient.

Pet Taxi.jpg

One-Way Rental Cars 

When all else fails and you absolutely need to a set of wheels, the one-way, short-term car rentals from car2go are incredibly convenient. While the tiny size of a smart car means you can’t carry much gear with you, the company is also running a pilot program to introduce four-door vehicles into their fleet. So you’re covered in case you make a spontaneous purchase that’s too big for the streetcar.


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