How to make the transition to natural skin care products

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Your skin is your body’s largest natural organ, so it’s important to treat it with care. Despite making big promises, many conventional skin care products do little to improve the health of your skin – while some can also carry unwanted toxins or synthetic ingredients. Making the transition to natural creams, lotions and serums can be a great way to look and feel healthier.

For some people, it’s not that easy to make the transition. The range of products alone can be overwhelming, but Toronto businesses like Consonant Skincare regularly assist customers who want to change their lifestyle. Often the motivating factors are due to health concerns, a desire to limit exposure to chemicals, an interest in protecting the natural environment or understanding more about the ingredients in skin products.

People interested in switching to natural products typically face the following issues:

It’s too confusing. The personal care products industry is not tightly regulated, and that has allowed for some false or misleading claims from some companies. Last year in the U.S., the Federal Trade Commission targeted a handful of companies promoting “all natural” products that actually contained synthetic additives. While Canada is believed to have stricter regulations, it’s still a tricky path to navigate.

It’s too expensive. Starting over with a totally new array of skin care products is a daunting expense for many. But you don’t have to throw everything out at once and replace it simultaneously. Start with your most important products and phase them out when you can. This will also help you make your new habit one that will stick for a long time. 

Natural products don’t work chemicals get results. If you’ve gone “natural” before and were less than enthused by the results, you’re not alone. There were – and continue to be – substandard products out there, but the natural personal care industry has also made significant gains over the past 10 years. For example, Consonant Skincare’s popular and effective HydrExtreme serum is one way women cope with the drying effects of breast cancer treatment and was awarded Grand Prize at the Canadian Beauty Innovation Awards.

How to make the switch to natural skin care products:

> Educate yourself about what “all-natural” really means and the common toxins or synthetic additives included in conventional personal care products, such as parabens, BHA, preservatives and others. There is a big difference between 95 percent and 100 percent natural. 

> Check the ingredient lists on any go-to products that you’ve been using for a long time. If they’re not what you want on your body anymore, that’s where you should begin. 

> When you start switching your main products to all-natural alternatives, don’t go for volume pricing right out of the gate – test out a variety of options so you can find something that’s right for you. 

Healthy skin care swap event

From February 11 to 19, Consonant Skincare will be helping customers make the switch by taking in conventional skin care products and offering the equivalent, 100 per cent natural products at half price. This offer is good for cleansers, face creams, eye creams, sunscreen and masks. Serums and body care are not included.

If you’re unhappy with your purchase – even your half-price purchase from this limited-time event – Consonant will offer a full refund.

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