How well do you know Toronto’s recycling and compost rules?

Is that green bin, blue bin or garbage? Test yourself in celebration of Earth Day 2016

On Earth Day, we’re reminded each year about the importance of environmental protection, reform and sustainability. But often, what’s required for large-scale change feels overwhelming and impossible.

There are, however, many small, meaningful actions Torontonians can take to help make a difference and live greener lives. From making the switch from driving a motor vehicle to cycling, taking transit or even carpooling, to donating and buying used clothing and conserving water and electricity – every little bit counts.

Recycling, composting and making an effort to divert waste from garbage cans – and eventually, landfills – is also easy to do. Plastic containers and bags, newspapers and pizza boxes, metal cans and so much more can all go into a blue bin.

In celebration of Earth Day 2016, we’ve put together a short online quiz. Think you know Toronto’s recycling, composting and waste-diversion rules? Take our quiz to find out. | @michdas

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