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Interested in an empowering and rewarding career in helping others? Consider programs in social and community service:

Police Foundations


The police foundations curriculum you’ve been waiting for.

Community Development

Honours Degree

Get the skills you need to become a social entrepreneur, environmental justice worker, or participatory action researcher.

Developmental Services Worker


Get the skills you need to effectively promote the physical, mental, and emotional health of individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities.

Child and Youth Care

Honours Degree

Get the skills you need for in-depth work with children, youth and families.

Behavioural Science

Honours Degree

Get the skills needed for in-depth work in the behavioural science field with individuals throughout the lifespan.

Protection, Security, and Investigation


Get the skills you need to become a private investigator, risk analyst, security manager, or fraud investigator.

Community and Justice

Lay the foundations for a career in criminal justice with a full-time or part-time program that focuses on making positive changes for the benefit of the communities.

Addictions and Mental Health

Honours Degree

Get degree-level education, knowledge, and skills required to work in this field.

Check Out Our Learning Labs:

Centre for Justice Leadership

Learn from industry experts in Humber’s 18,000-square-foot building which features the latest technology-based learning in emergency, legal and justice programs.

Court of Justice

In a courtroom setting, students are encouraged to think critically about the evidence and challenge the admissibility while the teacher acts as the trial judge.

Crime Scene Lab

The mock crime scene apartment allows houses an overhead viewing theatre where students can learn from and apply forensic techniques.

Forensic Studio

A varied array of tools are made available to students are all state-of-the-art equipment that’s the latest in technology available to the crime-solving industry.

Driving Sim Lab

Police pursuit driving, city, highway, snow and rain – students get exposed to the toughest challenges in a controlled environment in our driving simulation lab.

Conflict Resolution Sim Lab

The 180-degree conflict resolution simulator is a critical learning tool for students who require the skills needed to deal with people in crisis.

Therapeutic Play Lab

The therapeutic play lab allows students to co-create and engage a variety of materials in order to deliver programming and supportive interventions to children, youth and families. 

Take a Look Inside:


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