We Are Humber: Alec Sherman

NOW x Humber Digital Residency

As part of this month’s NOW x Humber Digital Residency, we’re profiling faculty and alumni from the Humber community. See all of the profiles here.

What program did you take at Humber?

Post-graduate program in Music Business.

What is your industry role? 

Research and distribution analyst at Re:Sound music licensing company.

What’s one skill students looking to enter your field absolutely must know? 

Be respectfully tenacious! Like most industries, the music world is all about relationships so if an opportunity presents itself, don’t let it slip – you never know where it could lead.

What is the most memorable experience you’ve had working or learning at Humber?

Our Capstone project had us dipping our toes into many different facets of the industry. To name only a few components of the project: we planned a tour, we wrote grants, we sent demos and we spoke to radio stations. It facilitated hands-on experience in the industry doing real work for real artists.

Describe something that inspires you about your industry. 

The music itself! Seeing the magic happen in close proximity is something that will never get old. Music touches so many people in such a personal way and it’s humbling to be a part of that ecosystem.

The internet and digital technology have upended many creative arts disciplines. How does your Humber program prepare arts professionals for these challenges?

We talk about it. The implications and collateral effects of the internet revolution aren’t something to be frightened of – these changes are all part of what makes the industry so dynamic and fun to be a part of. Discussing the challenges and new routes in the industry with like-minded individuals brings new perspectives and that’s what the program is all about.

What’s your favourite Toronto festival?

The Taste of the Danforth and NXNE holds a special place for me because my Humber program put me in touch with the volunteer coordinators, and I got the opportunity to get irreplaceable hands-on experience working as a stage manager all weekend long.

Name someone in your industry who is doing work that you find innovative or inspiring. 

Seeing Re:Sound’s work from inside has been a treat. It’s a small company, but each staff member is dedicated to delivering artist revenue with such a passion and it shows in the company’s performance. It’s inspiring to see such growth in a turbulent time in the industry.

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