We Are Humber: Jen Knoch

NOW x Humber Digital Residency

As part of this month’s NOW x Humber Digital Residency, we’re profiling faculty and alumni from the Humber community. See all of the profiles here.

What program did you take at Humber?

Creative Book Publishing.

What is your industry role?

Senior editor at ECW Press.

What’s one skill students looking to enter your field absolutely must know? 

Good grammar is non-negotiable. 

What is the most memorable experience you’ve had working or learning at Humber?

I loved getting to practise edit the draft manuscripts of published authors – it was a chance to test my skills and instincts on high-quality material. 

Describe something that inspires you about your industry. 

People in publishing are all there because they’re passionate about it. They know books can inspire, provoke and challenge, that they’re the easiest way to expand your experience of the world. 

The internet and digital technology have upended many creative arts disciplines. How does your Humber program prepare arts professionals for these challenges?

I started my employment with a good sense of the technological landscape and was able to see opportunities my employer was missing and propose solutions. 

What’s your favourite Toronto festival?

Word on the Street is such an energizing experience every year. We’re so lucky to have free access to have such amazing programming! 

Name a person or organization in your industry who is doing work that you find innovative or inspiring. 

I got teary-eyed visiting the incredible Children’s Book Bank, a bookstore that lets kids from low-income neighbourhoods pick a free book to take home whenever they visit. Kids having their own books has a great impact on their relationship with reading, which in turn benefits so many other aspects of their lives: reducing poverty, increasing community engagement and even improving health. 

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