We Are Humber: Martin Gangnier

NOW x Humber Digital Residency

As part of this month’s NOW x Humber Digital Residency, we’re profiling faculty and alumni from the Humber community. See all of the profiles here.

What do you do at Humber?

Part-time professor in the Music Business program (copyright, licensing and sync).

What is your industry role? 

Vice President, Licensing at Re:Sound.

What’s one skill students looking to enter your field absolutely must know? 

The music industry has been in a state of flux over the last number of years, but one thing never changes: the importance of building strong relationships based on respect, trust and understanding. 

What is the most memorable experience you’ve had working or learning at Humber?

What has stayed with me most is how smart, engaged and dedicated the students have been. The vast majority of students have had prior experience in the industry as creators, performers or behind-the-scenes professionals. Regardless of their backgrounds, they are all passionate about continuing to work – and hopefully thrive – in the music industry.

Describe something that inspires you about your industry. 

I am continually impressed and energized by the creativity and resilience within our industry. Whether a music creator or business professional, I have found that most tenured people in our fast-changing industry have both of these traits in spades. 

What’s your favourite Toronto festival?

Having lived in The Beach for a couple years, I really enjoy Streetfest on a closed portion of Queen East (part of the Beaches International Jazz Festival) – especially “locals night” on the first evening. There are smaller crowds, more families, a great neighbourhood vibe, but with the same amazing performances as during the rest of Streetfest.

Name someone in your industry who is doing work that you find innovative or inspiring. 

I am inspired by the lead role Music Canada is playing with regard to challenging the status quo – prioritizing inclusion and diversity, addressing the value gap within the music industry (i.e., unprecedented music consumption versus poor compensation for creators) or helping to create “music cities” and a sustainable music ecosystem countrywide. 

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