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As part of this month’s NOW x Humber Digital Residency, we’re profiling faculty and alumni from the Humber community. See all of the profiles here.

What do you do at Humber?

I’m a professor of marketing specialization in the Creative Book Publishing program.

What is your industry role?

Senior marketing manager at Harlequin.

What’s one skill students looking to enter your field absolutely must know? 

Publishing is a profession built on passion. No one becomes a millionaire doing this – you enter this profession because you want to live and breathe in the world of books.

What is the most memorable experience you’ve had working or learning at Humber?

I teach a class called Real Life Problems, where I bring a current work project to the class and together we tackle it. It’s certainly useful for me! 

Describe something that inspires you about your industry. 

The book industry is always on the brink of disaster and collapse, or so it would seem. We are an industry of creative, resourceful people who do not waiver in our belief in the power of storytelling. 

The internet and digital technology have upended many creative arts disciplines. How does your Humber program prepare arts professionals for these challenges?

In the case of books, digital technology has actually amplified reading, and so my course covers the world of e-books in all its glory and complexities. 

What’s your favourite Toronto festival?

I love a good event at TIFF. Their Books on Film series is incredible. Everything that comes out of that building is top-notch.

Name a person or organization in your industry who is doing work that you find innovative or inspiring. 

The Read for the Cure Foundation puts on author events to raise money for cancer research. I worked alongside them for a decade, and you couldn’t meet a more dedicated group of book lovers.

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