Graduate Studies at Humber's School of Creative and Performing Arts

For decades, Humber College has trained some of the finest performers, artists and creative professionals in Canada. Taught by working industry professionals, the College’s graduate arts programs provide hands-on, practical training to help students combine their love of arts and entertainment with the entrepreneurial and management skills needed to build a career in the industry. To learn more, explore the residency content below or visit



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Arts Administration and Cultural Managment

Humber’s Arts Administration and Cultural Management graduate certificate program is for those who wish to combine their passion for the arts, culture and heritage with business acumen and management skills. This distinctive program promotes diverse, multidisciplinary performing and visual artistic expressions supported by organizational competence in revenue development (earned and contributed), management of human resources (artists, volunteers, companies), planning (financial, strategic, special events, career), and communications (multi-platform, digital, marketing).    

The program is situated within the creative milieu of Humber’s renowned programs in theatre, writing, visual and digital arts, music, photography, animation, television, and film. The program’s hybrid components allow for flexible learning arrangements. Real-world experience is gained through varied field placements in commercial, government and not-for-profit arts and culture organizations and collaborative capstone projects which demonstrate to employers the breadth of graduates’ abilities.





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Creative Book Publishing

Humber’s Creative Book Publishing graduate certificate program combines creativity and entrepreneurship with the only opportunities in Canada to specialize in literary agenting/rights management and publishing technology. Taught by working professionals, and visited by industry experts and published authors, students of this program regularly make valuable contacts.    

After studying foundational publishing courses including business models, acquisitions, contracts, copyright, technology, creativity, operations and content management, you will choose three of four specializations: editorial, marketing, literary agenting/rights management or advanced technology. In the final month, students are organized into groups representing publishing enterprises. They collaborate to create model publishing companies from the ground up including business plans, publishing lists, jackets and covers, websites, and marketing campaigns. This intense capstone assignment provides an unprecedented knowledge base which prepares graduates for a successful career in publishing.





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Creative Writing

Humber’s Creative Writing – Fiction, Creative Non-Fiction, Poetry graduate certificate program is a distance studio program offering aspiring writers the exceptional opportunity to work at home. There are no formal classes on site. Individual courses are offered in a non-traditional way with a distinguished faculty member critiquing your work of creative non-fiction, fiction, book of short stories, feature film script or volume of poetry. The program is intended for students working on book-length projects. The program is customized to address the particular needs of your manuscript and may include assessments of your handling of plot, story, character, dialogue, pace and style, or may focus on the particular needs of the manuscript as determined by the writing advisor. Graduates have the satisfaction of completing a large body of work which may include all or parts of a novel, volume of short stories or a book of poetry. Students are also referred to writing competitions.  

Humber is noted for its exceptional faculty including authors of world stature. This faculty list has included Martin Amis, Peter Carey, Miriam Toews, David Mitchell, Nino Ricci, David Adams Richards, Timothy Findley, Paul Quarrington, Edward Albee, Carol Shields and Alistair MacLeod. Recent international authors have included Nell Freudenberger, Samantha Harvey and Tim O'Brien.


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Music Business

Humber’s Music Business graduate certificate starts in May and is a condensed summer program with two semesters rolled into one (May - August), followed by a third semester work placement in the fall. This program prepares you to work in any number of areas in the music industry. It offers a unique combination of theoretical and practical knowledge of the music industry as well as entrepreneurial, business and project management skills. You will study the structure of the Canadian music industry, music production, manufacturing, contracts, licensing and copyright, national and international distribution, marketing, promotion, and sales. You will develop foundational music business expertise, including communication and interpersonal skills, in order to respond to industry demands for professionals who can interact with diverse teams and audiences. Opportunities for applied work and industry connections are important components of the program.



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Television Writing and Producing

Humber’s Television Writing and Producing graduate certificate program prepares you to work as a television writer and producer, and to work in the production offices and on sets of current major television shows. You will learn how to write, as well as create and produce, all genres of television shows from half-hour situation comedy, animation, children’s, one-hour episodic, reality and lifestyle to late night comedies, short films and screenplays.

You will work with award-winning writers; producers; directors; set designers; editors; directors of photography; and development and network executives from Toronto, Vancouver and Los Angeles to learn the lucrative and creative business of television and film. Learn from well known guests, lecturers and faculty how to create, write, develop, pitch and sell the ideas that may one day lead to successful employment in writers’ rooms, production offices and on sets of major network television shows.


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Music Composition

Humber’s Music Composition graduate certificate program prepares you to write music for a number of professional environments that include, but are not limited to, live performance, sound recording, film, television and radio productions, commercials, and webisodes. In this online program, you will be paired with a professional songwriter who will mentor you as you compose original music and expand your portfolio.

Composers of all genres of music are welcome, as this program is tailored to meet the needs of your project. You’ll receive expert feedback in order to refine your skills, establish industry connections and understand the wide range of industry uses for composed music.






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