Indie Alehouse

Indie Alehouse

Since opening our doors in October 2012, we have been working to bring new and exciting flavourful beers to our community. We like to experiment, be adventurous, and break old traditional brewing rules. As a result, we have made it our mission create a diverse product roster that includes deliciously easy drinking beers that everyone can appreciate as well as hard-to-find ales that leave a lasting impression. We’ve spent years developing a variety of audacious brews that are hoppier, fruitier, aged longer (and in weirder barrels), etc. Let’s put it this way, if we can go overboard on some element of beermaking, we generally will.

We take our passion beyond beer as well in a quest to ‘Live Indie’. From a spectacular and carefully curated house-made menu to lively events, we’ve turned our creative and individualistic brewing methods into a lifestyle that reflects our mantra of fun-loving independence.

We started off as a small, yet foolhardy bunch in a quaint and – we’ll admit – elementary brewpub located in Toronto’s West End. After several years of refining processes and working with a wonderfully dedicated team of beer lovers, we have been fortunate enough to grow our Junction-located brewpub and bottle shop into a bustling (albeit ambient and welcoming) space. We’ve also opened up a second brewing space, tasting room and bottle shop in partnership with Eataly at the heart of downtown Toronto. We’re grateful for how far we’ve come and we have no other goals but to keep on making bold beer and continue to serve excellence.

The bottom line is – we believe that everyone should have the opportunity to taste, enjoy, and have the choice of better food and better beer. It’s who we are. It’s why we’re here.

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