Jacqueline Poirier’s hand painted dishes

Everywhere I go I see the same plates,.

Everywhere I go I see the same plates, whether at a friend’s condo or a family member’s home.

That’s why I’m so enamoured of local artist Jacqueline Poirier’s one-of-a-kind, hand-painted goods. From images of zombies and witches to TTC vehicles, Canada geese and Rob Ford, she has unique designs for every personality. She also creates custom plates for extra-discerning customers.

Poirier got her start three years ago after being hired as a server by the Ritz-Carlton Toronto. A manager realized how talented she is when he saw her take part in a live painting competition. He asked her to design some original plates for the hotel, and soon Poirier found herself the Ritz-Carlton’s resident artist. Dine at TOCA to see some of her best work. ($100 per plate, jacquelinepoirier.com)

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