Jadea Kelly – Clover

(Darth Jadea/Divergent)

JADEA KELLY plays an album release show Wednesday (May 22) at the Great Hall. See listing. Rating: NNN

Whitby-raised singer/songwriter Jadea Kelly’s sophomore album is a love letter to her grandfather’s Kingston-area farm, where she wrote most of Clover. A rural feeling comes through in the music and lyrics, with Hour North in particular tugging at the heartstrings of anyone who knows the sweet/sad feeling of returning home from the city.

On Powell River, Kelly’s high, haunting vocals float above sparse guitar twang while subtle organ creeps in. It transitions superbly into Lone Wolf’s emotional climax, which grabs you with its synthy bass line. But it falls just short of an impassioned swell, and the rest of the album never quite measures up.

Kelly’s voice is pure and cool like fresh water, and on Hour North and Wild West Rain you get the sense that she could do more with it. The 11 tracks are lovely but could use an injection of spunk.

Top track: Lone Wolf

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