Church In These Streets

It must be a balancing act for an originator of trap music to now be one of rap’s loudest political voices, but Jeezy makes sure to keep his core fans happy on his eighth studio album while also taking a few risks.

Hardcore Jeezy tracks like God and Scared Of The Dark showcase the Grammy nominee’s signature raspy voice and haunting production, but first-time Jeezy listeners shouldn’t expect Public Enemy-styled anthems either.

Instead, Jeezy motivates in subtle ways on Just Win and civil-rights-themed interlude Eternal Reflection by Detroit poet Jessica Care Moore. And soulful collaborations with Janelle Monáe (Sweet Life) and 90s R&B star Monica (Forgive Me) also reflect the album’s spiritual bent.

But despite coming in at 19 tracks, the album lacks a searing song like Politically Correct, which Jeezy released free during his involvement in the recent Million Man March. He’s come a long way, but we may have to wait until the next term to see his full political potential.

Top track: I Feel Ya


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