N.O.M.A. (Not On My Album) ( independent)

Rating: NN

In advance of his upcoming Def Jam release, Late Nights: The Album, Chicago singer Jeremih has put out an aptly named seven-track free mixtape. Unfortunately, the usually on-point singer should have left most of it on the cutting room floor.

The opener, Get Paid, is whiny and hookless overly serious Already isn’t much better bass-heavy lovemaking tune Can’t Go No Mo is catchy, but couldn’t Jeremih have picked someone less ubiquitous than Juicy J for the self-aggrandizing sex-god feature? DJ Khaled ruins what would otherwise have been the best song, the Confessions-era-Usher-like Wake Up/DJ Khaled Speaks, with his unintentionally hilarious monologue: he calls Jeremih the voice of the people (eehhhh?) and himself the biggest mogul in the world (def not).

Key Wane-produced, rap-sung track Chillin’ would have made a fine album cut. But nothing else on N.O.M.A. is as infectious as Late Nights’ debut single, Don’t Tell ‘Em (easily one of the best songs of the summer) or as interesting production-wise as Jeremih’s recent Shlohmo collab.

Top track: Chillin’

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