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If He Dies, If If If If If If

Jerusalem in My Heart has been Radwan Ghazi Moumneh’s live audio/visual project since 2005, and that sense of immediacy is integral to his recordings. Even during the most electronic sections of this sophomore album there’s a strong feeling of spontaneity and exploration, as if the audio processing were being used as an instrument or even a collaborator.

Moumneh’s made a name for himself as a producer and engineer in the Montreal art rock scene, and combines that -experimental attitude with his Lebanese musical roots. He’s got a wonderfully evocative singing voice even when it’s shrouded in effects. In fact, many of the most successful songs here are built around little more than his processed vocals, or in other cases his fluid buzuk-picking. 

All this makes for a contemplative but intense listen: the blast of white noise in Qala Li Kafa Kafa Kafa Kafa Kafa Kafa – the result of playing the whole track back through a contact mic inside his mouth – is terrifying the first time you hear it.

Top track: A Granular Buzuk

Jerusalem in My Heart plays the Jam Factory October 2.    

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