Juan Wauters – N.A.P. North American Poetry

(Captured Tracks)

Rating: NNNN

On his debut album, Juan Wauters is equal parts anti-folk hero Adam Green, 1960s Bob Dylan (but without anything to protest against) and his own unique concoction of lovable, lo-fi pop. On the surface, the short songs are straightforward both in lyrical content and composition. He sings about his desire to sleep, for example, overtop easy guitar-strumming and shakers.

But there’s something romantic and relatable in the simplicity, showcased best on the lively, poppy folk song in his native Spanish, Escucho Mucho – which, side note, is so fun to say (or sing!) out loud. (Wauters is from Uruguay but has lived in NYC for over a decade.)

Toward the end of the record, vocalist Carmelle Safdie joins in, adding a feminine touch to his shrill, Spanish-accented vocals. Those tracks, which feel like a renewed Moldy Peaches – but more tender than mischievous – have us dreaming of a future full-length collaboration.

Top track: Escucho Mucho

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