Justice League: War

JUSTICE LEAGUE: WAR (WB, 2014) D: Jay Oliva,.

JUSTICE LEAGUE: WAR (WB, 2014) D: Jay Oliva, w/ Jason O’Mara, Alan Tudyk. Rating: NN Blu-ray package: NNN Rating: NN

Justice League: War makes undemanding couch fodder if you’re not put off by the silly costumes and the nagging feeling that superhero collaborations are at bottom a publisher’s cash grab.

The story handles the team-up problem by deconstructing the team. Except for Green Lantern and The Flash, none of the others – Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman and Captain Marvel – know each other or have any interest in working together, despite the endless wave of destructive cyborgs pouring through some trans-dimensional rift.

The voice cast brings the characters to life with a low-key ease that understates the character traits – Superman is a bit smug – and lets the humour emerge naturally.

The visual style works for the movie and produces a few spectacular effects. Top comics artist Jim Lee did the source graphic novel and gets a 40-minute bio doc in the extras.

The other extras highlight is director Jay Oliva’s lesson on the production uses of animatics and pencil tests. Both are worthwhile items for the fans.

EXTRAS Lee doc, Lee and Oliva conversation, four vintage cartoons, animatics and pencil tests doc. English, French, Spanish audio and subtitles.

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