Kathleen Wynne accepts Best MPP placard

NOW editor CEO/editor Alice Klein presents the premier with her NOW readers' poll award

On another crazy news day in Toronto, NOW Magazine put a smile on the face of the somewhat beleaguered Premier Kathleen Wynne. It wasn’t the Ford “fuck you!” cover, though perhaps she might secretly have found that amusing. It was being voted Best MPP in NOW’s Best of Readers’ Poll edition that added a shine to her already bright Queen’s Park space.

Wynne had just breezed back from her economic update promising to “invest in families and businesses” in Ontario and girding for the inevitable Tim Hudak onslaught, when NOW editor/CEO Alice Klein arrived to deliver her cheery Best MPP plaque. She was delighted if somewhat unsure of how she actually merited the award.

“It was our readers,” said Klein and that surely made the experience a little sweeter given the more NDP-ish stereotype of the NOW readership.

“I’m putting this up in my constituency office,” she said with that strong Wynne eye contact and those hand motions that make it so easy to imagine it hanging on the wall.

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