Kim Churchill

Silence/Win (Fontana North)

Rating: NNN

A first listen of Silence/Win’s opening track, Single Spark, reveals a relatively straightforward rocker. But Kim Churchill, the Australian singer/songwriter who recorded this album on Vancouver Island, of all places (under the tutelage of producer Warne Livesey), is actually more interesting than that tune suggests.

The song names are country hokey (Only Time Can Take You On, Window To The Sky), but Churchill experiments with genres here. He strums himself into a psychedelic squall on Fear The Fire, and harmonica-led Canopy is a decently catchy foray into bluesy reggae rock.

A 70s soft rock vibe creeps into a few tracks (Don’t Leave Your Life Too Long). Some Days The Rain May Fall is pleasant and poppy. The slow, plodding Rage does anything but and is totally skippable. Besides that, there’s nothing unlistenable here, but little that’s memorable either – a talented guitarist still finding his sound.

Top track: Don’t Leave Your Life Too Long

Kim Churchill plays the Great Hall April 5.

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