La Carnita makes tremendous social media gaffe

Taco joint pulls crude Donald Trump reference from Instagram

You’d think La Carnita would have learned from the online shitstorms surrounding their gross bathroom signage or the tales of body-shaming potential waitstaff. But it looks like third time’s the charm (and by that, we mean third this month) for the popular taco chain, who decided to capitalize on Donald Trump’s recently-unearthed comments about sexually assaulting women for the sake of a little topical social media marketing.

An Instagram post featuring a shot of the restaurant’s tacos, with the caption, “What if Donald said ‘grab her by the taco’…” was posted last night and deleted shortly afterward.

Get it? It’s funny, because “taco” is slang for a vagina, and La Carnita sells tacos, the food item. (Seriously, guys, you went for that when “taco trucks on every corner” was already readily available?)

A screenshot has since been shared around Facebook dozens of times. Note chefs Matty Matheson and Jen Agg calling them out in the comments (Agg’s comment can be found in full here).


In response, the restaurant offered the following apology:

Please do, La Carnita. Please do.

UPDATE: The restaurant posted the following statement from La Carnita owner Andrew Richmond on Wednesday afternoon: | @nataliamanzocco


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