Letters to the editor: Erin O’Toole the antidote to Trudeau’s “woke” agenda

Plus, airshow blowback, NDP leader Andrea Horwath on ending anti-vaxx harassment and Trudeau loses pandemic plot in reader mail

The trashing of “fringe” views

Re Has Erin O’Toole Got Canadians Hoodwinked? (NOW Online, August 30)

I deplore violent protest and stand for prosecuting criminal behaviour. However, I see in this country the slow erosion of debate and the quashing of alternative views by labelling them fringe.

I’m not an anti-vaxxer, an Islamaphobe or a climate change denier. Yet, I’m going to vote Conservative because I object to the quality of leadership and the diminished credibility of this government. I’m a situational voter and while no leader’s platform is perfectly aligned to my hopes for this country, I am hopeful that a change will moderate the “woke” forces that have driven this PM’s agenda.

Helen Griffin From NOWTORONTO.COM

Canadians see through Liberal fear-mongering

This article is a classic example of fear-mongering. Fortunately, most Canadians are smart enough to see through these games. As for the party leaders, they are all bad, but in the spirit of not rewarding bad governance, it’s time to vote Mr. Trudeau out. He had six years to make a difference and has failed on most fronts.


Peace through military strength

Re Toronto’s Waterfront Shouldn’t Serve As a Stage For Warplanes (NOW Online, August 28)

I don’t think the writer of this article fully understands peace through strength. If you love peace then you should love and support a strong military that can defend our values abroad and provide a significant deterrent to rogue nations that don’t operate according to global norms and laws.


Canada must be able to defend itself

Canada has a huge territory to defend and we have to keep on guard because of powerful countries like Russia and China. I ask the author, when Russia comes with the latest Sukhoi fighters, what’s the plan, to defend ourselves with stones and sticks? Good luck with that.

I am not an advocate of the expensive F-35 but a country must be able to defend itself. We are not living in a world of unicorns and flowers. While we enjoy a beautiful and peaceful country we all have to understand we cannot take it for granted.


Majority rules when it comes to COVID

Re NDP Leader Andrea Horwath On Ending Restaurant Harassment (NOW Online, September 3). I have not gone inside a restaurant since the pandemic started and will not until I see a sign in the window of the restaurant which clearly states that only vaccinated people can enter. I’m betting that I am in the majority.


Has Trudeau lost pandemic plot?

Re 10 Toronto Ridings To Watch (And Other Notables) In #Elxn44 (NOW Online, August 26)

Although I’m definitely voting for Nathaniel Erskine-Smith in Beaches-East York, I can’t forget the carelessness of Trudeau in calling this election just now during a pandemic. I’m thinking that he’ll be lucky to maintain his minority. Don’t misunderstand me. I worked in Mr. Trudeau’s downtown office telephoning to help him, but now I think that he’s lost the plot.

Carrie HancockFrom NOWTORONTO.COM

Ragdoll Vintage should be on everyone’s must-visit list

Re Creepy Funhouse Meets Circus At Toronto’s Ragdoll Vintage (NOW Online, September 4).

This store looks absolutely fascinating. I’ve added it to my “must visit” list.

Christopher KingFrom NOWTORONTO.COM

Hot Docs should refund cash for last year’s fest

Re Hot Docs Cinema To Reopen On September 10 (NOW Online, August 31).

Good news, I suppose, but Hot Docs’ rip-off of about $200 last year still leaves a sour taste.

When the pandemic pushed the annual festival online, regular attendees who valued viewing films in an audience and having filmmakers in person, instead had to watch online. But while airlines and other organizations have refunded cash for cancelled services, Hot Docs refused even a credit for unused vouchers, let alone a refund. Not good audience relations, or fair, the way I see it.



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2 responses to “Letters to the editor: Erin O’Toole the antidote to Trudeau’s “woke” agenda”

  1. Re: “The trashing of ‘fringe’ views” ….

    I find the O’Toole Conservatives to be genuinely conservative only in regards to $$$. He is/they are what I refer to as a Money First ideology/party, similar to the ideals held by the conservative BC Liberal party in my home province. If I was a true conservative — i.e., on social as well as fiscal issues — I definitely would not vote for the O’Toole Conservatives, since I see them as not really standing for anything but big business and finance.

    Whenever I look at the vote-tally numbers after election day, the Conservatives seem to win by slithering up the middle after the center-left electorate divides their votes amongst two or three mainstream center-left parties. (It’s amazing how politically-focused major money interests can become during election campaigns!) Regardless, I’m definitely not voting for either the Conservative or (neo)Liberal candidate in my riding.

  2. This article pinpoints The Tool’s hypocrisy, thank you. To the person who wants to vote Conservative because he’s against “the Woke” agenda, you reveal the nature of the Conservative base. It’s not what the Party actually “says” but the dog whistle that you’re obviously registering. We know that already. Even The Tool’s animal cuddling message (a new low in theatrical politics, beyond kissing babies) sends the signal to rabid conservatives, who’s knee jerk response to me is the apparent non sequitur, but unsurprising: “Yeah, let’s support the doggies — NOT ‘Those People’ who are just milking the system”. Well played Mr. Tool.

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