Five jewellery trends that will complete any outfit

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Jewellery can add sparkle and flair to literally any outfit. Currently, this includes the usual work-from-home tank top and sweatpants combo that many of us have been wearing most days of the week.

Adding a unique piece of jewellery (or two) to your outfit every morning is always encouraged. A dainty gold necklace or set of statement earrings can make you feel more put together, even while staying at home.

“Jewellery can say a lot about your personal style,” says Sarah Dougall, owner of Made You Look. “It can be a great conversation starter and part of your personal story.”

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To celebrate this exciting Readers’ Choice win, the exceptional Toronto store is offering some knowledgeable insight on the latest and greatest jewellery trends.

Christmas is right around the corner so this could not come at a better time – jewellery is truly a foolproof gift idea.

Collar Necklaces

Collar necklaces are a more mature and distinguished version of choker-style necklaces. Not only are they classy and sophisticated but they are sure to make a statement when you need to stand out during a Zoom meeting.

When trying to style a collar necklace, carefully consider the neckline of the dress or blouse that it will be paired with.

“What you wear with it should depend on where it sits and how much of a statement you are looking to make,” says Dougall. “One interesting way to wear a collar necklace is to select an outfit or top that makes it look like it is part of the outfit, creating a seamless fashionable look.”


Fashion enthusiasts often have a field day when it comes to chain necklaces since they can be layered with other chains and pendants. This means pairing thick chains with fine delicate ones, all with different lengths and finishes.

“The trend is all about building the look so wearing your grandmother’s vintage chain along with other more contemporary pieces is where it’s at,” says Dougall. “If budget allows, our team always recommends going for gold since this allows for everyday wear.”

Asymmetrical earrings

Wearing a pair of asymmetrical or mismatched earrings is an effortless way to show people that you’re very fashion-forward and prepared to think outside the box.

These one-of-a-kind earrings come in all shapes and sizes.

“If you have large asymmetrical earrings then you can keep your outfit simple but if they’re smaller or more subtle, we suggest framing them with your hair up and a great blazer or jacket,” says Dougall.

You can make a DIY set of asymmetrical earrings by taking one earring from each of your favourite sets. To make this look cohesive, make sure the earrings are different enough so that mismatched look is very intentional.

Large gemstone pieces 

Wearing gemstones is an exciting and easy way to add a pop of colour to any outfit. Matching rules have gone out the window as of lately so don’t overthink pairing the gemstone pieces with your clothes.

“Brighter pieces always look smashing when worn against a contrasting colour or against a clothing item that is solid black or white,” says Dougall.

But those who seek to push the boundaries of fashion should pair them with polka dots, plaids and other bold prints – also known as “power clashing.”


We would like to thank former justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg for bringing this trend back to the forefront.

Pearls have the reputation of being fancy but like most pieces of jewellery, they can be “dressed down” to look more casual.

“We never shy away from wearing them with jeans or a jean jacket, and suggest layering them with other pieces to avoid looking too formal,” says Dougall. “Another great way to do this is by selecting contemporary styles that incorporate pearls along with other elements and materials.”

Due to the one-of-a-kind nature of our products, Made You Look does not have an e-commerce website but customers are welcome to browse the products online and text the store to find out what’s available for shipping.

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