A Torontonian summed up the city in one sentence and it makes so much sense to some residents

One Twitter user described Toronto in one go, and it made sense. (Courtesy: LinedPhoto/ Unsplash)


Some Torontonians have a love-hate relationship with the city and that will probably never change.

Even though Canada’s arguably coolest city holds a special place in the hearts of those who live here or frequent it often, it has without a doubt had every word in the book thrown its way.

And one social media user took it to a whole new level of creativity and gave it a full sentence. 

Twitter user @clare_maybe described the city in one go, and it sounds so crazy but makes sense to many.

“Toronto is like what if new york’s hellhole vibe and Los Angeles’s traffic had 6 months of winter and was the geographic equivalent of Cleveland, except it cost 3 million to buy a house,” she tweeted.

“I love it here,” she continued.

Firstly, Toronto has been compared to New York City since pretty much forever. In fact, Dundas Square is reminiscent of Times Square, except much cleaner and smaller.

With thousands of people spilling out of Eaton Centre, wildly busy streets, and big brand stores with lines wrapping the building during black-out sales, it could definitely be described as hellish to some extent.

Secondly, Toronto is no stranger to excruciating traffic and many drivers will tell you they’ve thought of napping in their cars because of how bad congestion gets. 

And just like the city, L.A also has a well-known traffic problem.

Lasty, the City of Cleveland is situated across the U.S. maritime border with Canada and has several lakes surrounding it.

In a nutshell, if these three U.S. cities had a baby it would be called Toronto, so long as you throw in unaffordable housing and freezing winters.  

“This description is literally perfect,” one Twitter user wrote.



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