High Time: a 420 guide to three smokin’ ganja gadgets

Pot paraphernalia has come a long way since the days of rolling and growing your own

Grobo One Hydroponic Grow Box

Special features Everything you need to grow your own weed in a four-foot high box: a pH-balanced automatic nutrient feeding system, 11-litre water reservoir, custom LED lights, dual fans, no smell carbon filter (for nosy neighbours) and steel lock. Comes with an app that updates you in real-time on growing conditions and when to top up your water, among other tips. $2,500.

Our review A tech marvel, manufactured in Canada’s very own Silicon Valley in Waterloo, to grow your own medicine in as little as 70 days, depending on the strain. The price tag may seem steep, but think about it as an investment. You’ll make your money back in no time. Takes as much power to run as a ceiling fan. Also grows tomatoes and looks great.



VIE vaporizer

Special features Comes with four refillable cartridges (three for your herb, one for concentrates) that makes reloading quick and easy “advanced heating system” promises “incomparable flavour” and 200 puffs per battery charge. $150 (plus shipping) comes with cleaning kit and USB charger. 

Our review Palm-sized for discrete use and unlike a lot of vaporizers on the market that snuff out taste, this one delivers a nice hit on the flavour front. For old-school types who prefer to roll and go, refilling cartridges can seem like a hassle. On the bright side, you only have to do it once every few days  (each cartridge holds 0.3 grams), depending on how much you smoke. We recommend recharging this unit daily for best results.



Alair Vaporizers 

Special features Comes loaded with CO2-extracted pure cannabis oil with no fillers or additives sleek design glass cartridge allows you to see how much you have left “non-toxic extraction process” promises contaminant-free smoking approximately 150-plus draws per cartridge. $100 (plus $15 shipping). 

Our review Packs a punch that hits you right in the chest. After that, you’re sailing. The one drawback: refills are not always available. Supply depends on the vagaries of the grey market, although an Alair spokesperson says that both the cartridges and kits are in production and that arrival is expected in three weeks. The pen is rechargeable.


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