Cannabis bath bombs are the ultimate in relaxation

And they don't even get you high!

What’s the best way to prep for this weekend’s Global Marijuana March? Steep your bod in weed, of course.

Now, don’t get too excited: this particular form of cannabis won’t get you high. While some bath bombs do include marijuana oils, Lavish Bath Co.’s are made with hemp oil and flour, which means that they contain more pain-relieving CBD, or cannabidiol, than THC, or tetrahydrocannabinol, the psychoactive ingredient in marijuana flowers that gets you high.

Many medical marijuana users take CBD on its own or in topical form for pain relief because of its relaxing effect. But bonus: hemp oil is also a good source of magnesium, which also helps to relax muscles, and it’s moisturizing, so it’s perfect for soothing the skin as well as deep muscle tissue.

But let’s start with the one negative aspect of Lavish’s cannabis bombs. They will leave a dark chlorophyll-tinged film on your tub. With a good cleaner it comes off, but it will need a really good scrub with vinegar and baking soda.

It may look like a marsh that Swamp Thing could emerge from at any moment, but once you’re submerged, you won’t care. Get into your bath quickly after dissolving the bomb in your tub to soak up its soothing properties – you’ll take away more benefits if you don’t let the fizzy substance sit for too long.

Stay in as long as you desire. If you want, you can double up on moisturizer after you’ve dried off. But I find these leave behind so much luxurious moisture, there’s no need.

Real talk for the old hats: if you’re feeling a little let down sans psychoactives – and you aren’t trying cannabis products for the first time – try smoking (or eating) a small amount of marijuana in advance of your bath. The high levels of THC in the weed and the high levels of CBD in the bath combine to create, well, a unique experience. But only do this if you aren’t prone to sleeping in bathtubs and if you don’t have plans with your father later on. 

Just trust me.

I first found these little gems at Cannabis Culture stores around town, but now that the stores have been shut down by police, they’re a little harder to come by for downtowners. But if you spot Lavish Bath Co.’s or another brand’s bombs online or at your local dispensary, they’re a must-try.

Available for $10/each at Glotique (2919 Dufferin St., North York) or online at

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